Tax Due Diligence

Tax Due Diligence

We provide a comprehensive tax due diligence review service, including South African Income Tax, Withholding Taxes, Value Added Tax, Transfer Duty, Security Transfer Tax, Payroll Taxes, Mineral Resource Royalty.

In addition to the above, Renmere provides a multi-jurisdictional tax due diligence project management service which includes the scoping, negotiation, work programme design, oversight and reporting in respect of multi-jurisdictional tax due diligence review assignments.

Every due diligence assignment is scoped by Renmere to take account of the transaction size, timing, target industry, nature of activities, complexity of key target risk areas and the transaction parameters agreed between the parties. Renmere’s due diligence work programme is designed to identify all material historical risks, opportunities and target attributes relevant to the acquisition structure. Key risks are identified and communicated at pre-agreed intervals and a detailed tax due diligence report is issued upon conclusion of the review. All historical tax risks are contextualised and quantified, an appropriate course of action is recommended and the acquisition agreements are reviewed to ensure that the appropriate protection mechanisms are incorporated.

Stephan Zaaiman
Stephan Zaaiman

Tax partner
Oude Postkantoor, 3rd Floor
C/o Bird and Plein Street Stellenbosch, 7600

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